What to Expect from "WTF Do I Do With My Hands"

Delivering your message face-to-face, one human being to another, has always been seen as a bit of a challenge- more than ever in our increasingly device-driven world. The modern tech revolution has opened up amazing new opportunities for the speed, outreach, and volume of communication, but in the wake of excitement in a progressively digitally-dependent society our analog human foundation is in neglect. There is no substitute for the ability to engender a strong personal connection or the impact of a finely cultivated presence. That isn't going to change. It's critical to our future that the personal and the digital grow together and support one another. Confidence, charisma, and clarity will always be your boots on the ground. It's not that these skills are getting harder to learn, It's simply that they aren't being taught. Communication Strategist Kathryn Kellner is here to see that the skill set of person-to-person interaction keeps its seat at the table.

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