Spoken Word Studio

We love podcasts, we make podcasts, and you should too. You shouldn't have to be a sound engineer to get your project off the ground. We've built both of our recording rooms to be as simple and user friendly as possible. Our gear was selected to be both top notch and plug-n-play. Our facility will give you clear, crisp, artifact-free spoken vocals that you can take straight to the editing room. That's what we're built for, that's all we do.


Self Service

Feel comfortable doing it yourself?   No Problem. Bring your own set up or borrow one of our awesome Blue Yeti Pro usb/xlr compatible microphones and plug in direct to your laptop. Additional microphones $10 per day.


Interview Package

Need to hash it out with a few guests? We can provide, microphones, shock mounts, mic stands, headphones and settings for up to four people. Let us know in advance and we can handle the whole party for an accommodation fee of $35 per day atop the hourly rate.


Onsite Tech

Need a little help? We're happy to set you up with a tech to run the board for the length of your session. All you have to do is call the shots from the inside, we'll do the rest.


Equipment à la carte

Hourly studio costs include gear to accommodate 1 individual at no additional charge. If only more of everything will do, here's what it costs:

Blue Yeti Pro usb/xlr 4 pattern condenser mic, shock mount, mic stand:  $10/day

Sony MDR-7506 Headphones: $5/pair/day


booth photo.png

Isolation Booth

Have a project that requires a little more intimacy? Our comfy isolation booth is great for voiceover and narration projects.