Film Studio

We'd love to host your project! We really like seeing people get work done, and we are into making that affordable. Student rates? Yes! call us.

Studio Time

Our intimate studio space boasts a lot of versatility. Our cyclorama walls (three faces, two 90 degree corners) are 10.5 feet tall with 400 sq ft of sprung floor to play with. They come pre-lit with Kino 4' banks to save you set up time and hassle- plus it makes keying a lot more fun. We've also got an infinite white corner and a full black velour curtain track if chroma key isn't what you're after. Most of the time the walls are green, but for a color change fee of $100 and a minimum booking we'll paint them any color you want. Did we mention the sound treatment? There's sound treatment.


Light/Grip packages

You are welcome to load in your own setup- but if you need it, we're happy to throw in the kitchen sink. The Walls come pre lit with Kino Flo 4' banks as part of the hourly studio cost, but we'll definitely make you a deal on our set of light/grip equipment if you need it. $50/day on top of the hourly rate gets you access to all we've got to give.

Camera and Glass Rentals

We really love the Panasonic Gh4 4k Mirrorless Camera-That's why we bought three of them. Pair that with a Metabones Ultra x.71 Speedbooster and Canon 24-70mm 2.8 Series L mk II glass and you've got incredibly sharp, fast 4k picture that's close to noiseless in low light. Need c-stands? Fluid head Tripods? A teleprompter? We've got 'em.